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Residential Vinyl

Heterogeneous & Homogeneous

Homogeneous vinyl is the most common type of vinyl flooring for commercial projects. Suitable for a wide range of budgets and environments, these vinyls are made up of one single vinyl layer and are as tough as they come! Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer vinyl incoporating a sub-layer for sound insulation, and a protective layer to keep the vinyl lasting for longer.


Acoustic floors have an important contribution when it comes to reducing noise in buildings. In our acoustic range you will find vinyl floors with impact sound reductions up to 26dB.


All of our anti-slip flooring comes with a Ramp test classification of R10 and higher as well as a Pendulum test of 36+, helping you stay on your feet and avoid those banana skin moments.


Multipurpose vinyl flooring says it in the name, it has multipurpose, it can be used where ever you need. (Please note not all multipurpose is suitable for safety flooring)


LVT Dryback flooring is easy to glue down with adhesive, it's easy to cut and easy to fit.

LVT Click

LVT Click is very is very similar to traditional tongue and groove wood flooring but has the additional feature of an interlocking profile around its edge which enables the boards to be clicked together.

About Residential

Residential vinyl flooring is flooring which is suited for all round the house. With easy installation it will be down on your floor before you know it. With all our vinyl flooring we offer free sample, so you know what you are buying. Simply find the product to want a sample of and add it to your sample basket.

Fitting Services

Here at DCTUK, we want to making finding the perfect flooring solution a real breeze so we always go that extra mile. After we've found the vinyl to suit your project requirements, we roll up our sleeves and lay them for you too. We offer our bespoke installation service for orders of over 50m2.

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