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Schools & Colleges Guide

We've put all of our expert advice and first-class flooring products into one handy little brochure. Get yours here!

Whether you’re a headmaster, a buildings manager, a contractor or a bursar, picking the right flooring solution for any unique school, university or college is of paramount importance. With so much on offer, you might be left feeling a little spoilt for choice but have no fear, our Carpet Tiles Guide for Education Providers Brochure 2016-2017 is here to save the day.

After flicking through our little brochure, you will see why more and more schools, colleges and universities across the UK (and further afield) are choosing us as their go-to for first-class flooring and cut-price carpet tiles. As one of the largest suppliers of modular carpet, we are able to use our tight-knit relationships with some of the biggest brands in the business, including Burmatex and Interface, to bring you a wide variety of styles and specifications at the lowest possible price points - so let's get the ball rolling!

As you know, our ethical approach means we like to keep things as 'green' as possible so you can do your bit for Planet Earth and save a whole load o' paper by following the link below and viewing our brochure online. However as our Free Sample Service will tell you, we also understand that some things are just better in the flesh (or fabric) so if you'd prefer a hard copy to flick through, simply pop your details into the form below and we'll have one flying through your letter box in no time.

In the meantime if you'd like to chat to any of our friendly sales team, drop us a line on 0345 222 1544 or send an email straight to the inbox and we'll be more than happy to help.

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